Thursday, January 14, 2010

Internet Troubles

We must apologize for the delay in posting. Our Internet has been down since Christmas.
Now we are back to show you pictures from the holidays.

This year we went to Vernon for Christmas. I brought a lot of toys for the car but ended up playing with the toy bag too.
On Christmas Eve we made a Gingerbread House. Here I am with one of my favourite gifts.

Even Lucy opened a present.
Megan and I decorated some dinosaurs with fancy clothes.

Grandma read me my new book (so did everyone else). (Twice).
I found a good use for some of my new stickers.
I helped Grandma cook dinner.
Dad and I went for an evening walk in the snow.

Lucy practiced her tummy time. She is getting bigger every day.

I am really getting to be a good helper in the kitchen. Also, I wanted to show you my new haircut.