Friday, June 29, 2007

Good Weather

I have been enjoying the good weather by spending time on the deck.

I am starting to notice when Mom has the camera out. I love to smile for my pictures!

Standing up is one of my favourite things.

Looking cute is what I do.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Trip to Saskatchewan (part 2)

One of the reasons we went out to visit was to help celebrate Great Grandpa's 80th birthday.

Look who else came to celebrate! I had a lot of fun with my cousin Jackson.

Here we are on the swings. Grandma used to use this swing set when she was a kid too!

We also went for a walk around the farm. Look how green everything is.

We saw a family of baby partridges. They had only hatched a couple hours before this but they were already on the move.

I also had some down time to work on my flexibility. I was able to get my toes all the way into my mouth.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for such a fun holiday! I miss you already.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Trip to Saskatchewan (part 1)

Mom and I travelled to Saskatchewan to see some relatives. Here I am with my very own seat on the plane!

When we got there I unwound by practicing standing.
Here I am with Grandma. Looks like Grandpa is watching NASCAR racing. Must be Sunday afternoon!

Great Grandma was fun to sit with. Besides Mommy and Grandma she was the only person I would stay with for more than a few minutes.

Here I am with my new friend Hailey. I like to watch her to see what I will be able to do someday.

Well, a baby has to exercise sometime. I really wanted to roll over and eventually I did. While at Grandma and Grandpa's I rolled over from my stomach to my back. When I got home I rolled from my back to my stomach.

Stay tuned for more pictures from my trip. The computer is being difficult so Mommy says she will show you the rest another day.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Finally I can feed myself! Now if only I could mix a bottle then I could eat whenever I wanted!!

Mmmm, one more thing to chew on.

Liam and Auntie Esther came over to celebrate Mommy's birthday. Here we are just hanging out.