Friday, August 27, 2010


Mom left the groceries on the floor for one minute and look who found a snack.
Lucy loves grapes! She was mad when Mom put the rest away.
Of course I have to get in the picture too!
I guess Mom doesn't need to cut up Lucy's grapes anymore.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Last week we went to Saskatchewan to visit Grandma and Grandpa Sauder.
Grandpa and I decided to try kite flying.

At first my kite didn't really do anything...
Then, with a little help from the wind, it went up in the air!
After a bit we decided to walk to the top of the hill
to see if it would be a little windier.
When we got to the top we stopped to admire the view.
My kite flew up right away but Grandpa had a little trouble with his.
Lucy had a lot of fun watching the kites.
I had to hang on really tight!
Grandpa let Lucy fly his kite for a bit. Her technique is a little different...
We had so much fun!
Thanks Grandpa for taking me kite flying.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Cabin - Round 2

We also had a chance to head back to the cabin this week.
It was so warm out we spent most of the ferry ride on the deck.
Mom makes a rare appearance on the blog.
Lucy and Isabel - "the Chompettes!"
We went across to the beach and I swam in the ocean.
I also found some sea grass.
Auntie and Isabel join in.
Lucy getting used to the watter.
Swimming cousins!
Mmmm, seaweed!
Lucy loves the water.
Yum! Watermelon.
Thanks Auntie and Uncle for hosting us at the cabin.
We had a lot of fun!


Last week we went camping for the first time.
We shared our campsite with some cute bunnies.

Lucy shared her playpen with baby Gus.
We also shared our campsite with a couple dirt piles.
Playing in the dirt is a lot of fun!
After that it was time to cool off in the lake.
Lucy beat the heat by drinking some pop.
(Don't worry, she's not really drinking it!)
My friends and I went for a hike.
Dad took me down to the water.
I like climbing!
The waterfall is so beautiful!
We also played around this cool tree.
I had so much fun but I was tired out by the time we left.
Nothing like a relaxing sleep in the car!